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Working Meeting with the Leader of a Project funded by the European Union


The administration of the State Agency on Intellectual Property (AGEPI) had a meeting with Primoz Vehar, leader of the project “Support for Structured Policy Dialogue, Coordination of the Implementation of the Association Agreement, and Enhancement of the Legal Approximation Process”, funded by the European Union.

During the meeting, the parties exchanged views and ideas on the strategic development of the intellectual property system and its role in encouraging innovative business, and also business with traditional products, including by promoting the use of the Geographical Indications system, strengthening the competitive climate, as well as other topics of interest.

The Director General of AGEPI, Eugeniu Rusu, mentioned that: “We intend that in the next period, AGEPI, together with the strategic partners and the support of the Project, to organize a series of events, in which issues related to improving patent and public health legislation will be addressed by implementing at national level an effective mechanism for compulsory licensing in case of health emergencies, which is part of the measures taken by AGEPI in the context of overcoming the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic and other similar situations.”

Also, ambitious cooperation objectives and plans were outlined to help the institution in optimizing the legislative framework in the field of IP.

For his part, Primoz Vehar assured AGEPI of the support of EU experts in adjusting and drafting the draft law on copyright and related rights, including until the stage of its adoption by Parliament.

“We want to take advantage of the experience of EU countries, including the Balkan states, in implementing the directives and the acquis communautaire in the field of IP and advancing in the process of European integration. We will appreciate the support of the project especially on priority areas such as digitization of processes and increasing the efficiency of information exchange with partner institutions. We will make every effort to keep intact these fruitful cooperation relations with EU representatives,” said the Director General of AGEPI.