IP Library

The AGEPI library is a subdivision in the structure of AGEPI providing beneficiaries with information-library services on intellectual property.

The Library holds the National Collection of Documents on Intellectual Property, which includes: DB of inventions on electronic carrier from different countries and international organizations; patents for invention, short-term patents, new plant varieties, trademarks, industrial designs of the Republic of Moldova; books and serials on IP ; Official Bulletins of the foreign offices etc.

The Library Collection is annually supplemented with new documents in various fields, which are reflected in the Electronic Catalogue and the specialized DB.

Aims of the activity:

  • to accumulate, store and use information/documents of intellectual property in the process of serving the beneficiaries;
  • to highly satisfy the information needs related to the service interests of AGEPI employees;
  • to stimulate creativity of beneficiaries passionate by new discoveries;
  • to familiarize the general public with the specificity of Intellectual Property with a view to facilitate access for potential inventors to the information in the field;
  • to extend cooperation relationships with specialized offices and institutions in the country and abroad.

Services provided

Beneficiaries of services provided by the library shall be the experts and other collaborators of AGEPI, and any other interested persons outside the institution: counselors in intellectual property, researchers, inventors and rationalizers, teachers, students, etc.

They shall benefit from:

  • access to the National Collection of patents, applications for patents, trademarks, utility models, new plant varieties;
  • information assistance in support of their creativity;
  • possibility of using the Electronic Catalogue of the collection of books (BOOKS DB) and of the articles from the periodicals in the field of Intellectual Property (ART-IP DB), and access to electronic databases of AGEPI and offices from abroad;
  • methodological assistance in searching for information in electronic DB;
  • library-bibliographic servicing in “request-offer”, “information-express” regime, by complying with the bibliographic, thematic and factual references;
  • opportunity to participate in IP information promotion activities conducted at local and republican level.

Program for beneficiaries:

  • From 9.00 to 16.00 Monday - Friday.
  • Days off - Saturday and Sunday.

Address: 24/1, Andrei Doga Str., 5th Floor, Chisinau, Republic of Moldova.

Tel.: 400-591, 400-597; 
Fax: 440-119.