IP for SMEs

Necessary Tools to Identify and Protect Business

Business identifiers include all names and signs that your company uses in marketing a product or service. By protecting your business identifiers, you ensure protection of your company`s image and reputation. Business identifiers include trademarks, trade names, geographical indications etc.


A trademark is a sign used in relation to certain goods or services provided to consumers. A trademark must be distinctive not to mislead consumers, and moreover, it may not be identical or similar to trademarks of other companies where your products or services are similar to the products or services of those companies.

Trade Name (Company Name)

The company name may coincide with its trademark, sometimes it may be a common name covering several products or services with different trademarks.

Geographical Indications (GI)

A geographical indication means the name of a region or a locality, used to identify a product possessing specific qualities, reputation or other characteristics attributable to that geographical origin. This product is often processed or prepared in a special way. If the product meets these specific requirements, it means that  the GI may be used with reference to that product to highlight its origin and qualities as well as the traditional production methods.

Tools that Bring Enhanced Value to the Company


An invention means the solution to a technical problem. Inventions may be achieved in all fields of technology, from the simplest tools such as toothpicks and paper clips to the most complex substances or technologies such as pharmaceuticals or computers. By protecting inventions owned, use of the same technology by competitors may be prevented.

Industrial Designs (Industrial Drawings and Models)

An industrial design is the external and aesthetic aspect of products. By registering an industrial design, only the external aspect of the product shall be protected. Its technical functions or the idea behind the product shall not be protected.

Copyright and Related Rights

Copyright protects intellectual creations in the field of literature, art and science. Copyright can cover various types of works, such as books, textbooks, music, photos, illustrations and also products bearing artistic expression. Software and databases can  also be protected by copyright. Copyright protection shall not extend to ideas. It shall refer only to the specific and original form of expression of the idea.

Other Intellectual Property Instruments

In addition to the IP rights mentioned, there are other tools that may be used successfully in the company's activity, such as trade secrets. A trade secret may be any confidential business information and manufacturing techniques, description of production processes, customer lists, marketing plans, know-how, show-how, etc. which are particularly valuable for the organization.

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