Information Services Provided by AGEPI

The State Agency on Intellectual Property provides documentary search services against payment. Upon the request of applicants, AGEPI provides ample information from national and international databases.

Intellectual property pre-diagnosis aims to contribute to the improvement of the innovation  potential and  enhancement of competitiveness.

IP for SMEs will highlight the facilities on fees provided for services rendered by AGEPI, as well as their benefits.

In relation to the need for dissemination of information concerning the national system of protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights, a series of activities are planned for information purposes in the academic, education, economic and social environment, etc.

The IP library within AGEPI provides those interested with information from the National Collection of Documents on Intellectual Property, which includes: DB on electronic media from different countries and international organizations; books and publications in the field of IP; Official Bulletins of the offices from abroad etc.


No. Forms DOC
1 Inventions Word
2 Trademarks Word
3 Industrial designs Word
4 Geographical indications, appellations of origin and traditional specialties guaranteed Word
5 Notice for payment of fee Word