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Use the Free Intellectual Property Pre-Diagnosis Service


The State Agency on Intellectual Property (AGEPI) offers intellectual property (IP) pre-diagnosis services that represent a customized study of the portfolio of IP objects within the enterprise - inventions, trademarks, industrial designs, objects of copyright and related rights, including the activity of their effective marketing, management and use.

The intellectual property pre-diagnosis is intended primarily for SMEs, because unlike large corporations they do not have specialized subdivisions involved exclusively in the management of IP.

When should you use the intellectual property pre-diagnosis service?

  • when you intend to implement new technologies and products;
  • in case of difficulties in registering intellectual property objects;
  • if you want to protect your products and services;
  • when you intend to use new technologies, knowledge, information products, other intellectual property objects more efficiently;
  • if you want to have a firm position in the market, improve the image of the company, products and services

Why do you request the intellectual property pre-diagnosis service?

  • to estimate the innovation potential of the enterprise and its degree of use;
  • to establish adequate ways to protect the intellectual products at your disposal;
  • to reduce the risk of counterfeiting products

How is the intellectual property pre-diagnosis carried out?

  • AGEPI specialists pay a visit to the enterprise or, in the epidemiological situation conditions due to the COVID-19 pandemic, an “online visit”, during which together with you they examine the state of affairs regarding the use and protection of intellectual property ( products, technologies, licenses, patents, know-how, etc.);
  • the accumulated information is generalized and a report is drawn up specifying the available intellectual property objects, the efficient ways to protect them, customized recommendations on how IP can drive the achievement of economic performance

Pre-diagnosis services for small and medium-sized enterprises are provided free of charge.

The confidentiality of the information provided and the results of the pre-diagnosis study is guaranteed.

Further information can be obtained at tel.: (+373 22) 400-592, 400-500.