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A New Draft Law on Copyright and Related Rights, Analyzed and Discussed in Detail


In the period from 25 to 29 October 2021, the European expert Irina Lucan-Arjoca came to Chisinau to participate in a series of discussions on a new Draft Law on Copyright and Related Rights. The European expert met with specialists from the State Agency on Intellectual Property (AGEPI) and representatives of collective management organizations, broadcasters’ organizations, business environment and creative unions.

Irina Lucan-Arjoca presented in detail the European practices and directives in IP and explained in great detail the proposals to be submitted to the Government, as provided by the legal procedure.

Next week, AGEPI will launch the official consultation procedure, so that those interested can come up with any proposals to amend the draft proposed for debate.

“We thank Ms. Irina Luncan-Arjoca for her involvement, professionalism and assistance in drafting the law that will strengthen the protection of intellectual property in the Republic of Moldova, and also will transpose the necessary European directives in the process of country’s integration into the EU. I assure you that we will approach with great pragmatism any idea and initiative,” underlined the Director General of AGEPI, Eugeniu Rusu.

We should mention that Irina Lucan-Arjoca, with the support of the European Union project “Support for Structured Policy Dialogue, Coordination of the Implementation of the Association Agreement, and Enhancement of the Legal Approximation Process”, carried out a mission to evaluate the Law of Moldova 139/2010 on the Protection of Copyright and Related Rights as well as the draft amendment to Law 139/2010 under public consultation in terms of compliance of national legislation with the relevant European regulatory framework.

The evaluation mission, whose main beneficiary is AGEPI, aimed to identify the European Union legislation to be transposed and the mechanisms for its implementation at national level in the spirit of European best practices.