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At the AGEPI was held the Annual Meeting of Researchers, Inventors and Representatives of Creative Unions of the Republic of Moldova


On 23 December, in the conference hall of AGEPI was held the annual meeting of researchers, inventors and representatives of creative unions of the republic.

The event was aimed at reviewing the results of the activity on promotion outside the Republic of Moldova, during 2014, of scientific and innovational achievements of the institutions in the sphere of science and innovation and higher education in the country.

With a word of greeting, in opening the meeting, came Mrs. Lilia Bolocan, Director General of AGEPI, presenting brief information on promotion activities conducted by the Agency during 2014 in order to support and promote scientific, innovation achievements and those in the field of autochthonous culture abroad. She noted that AGEPI is responsible not only for registering the technical part of an object of intellectual property, but is obliged to promote inventiveness, creative spirit and talent both locally, in the country and abroad. Thus, during 2014, AGEPI supported the participation of inventors from our country in 6 international exhibitions and forums of inventions, new products and technologies, including those in Romania, Switzerland and Belgium, traditionally attended over several years, and also in 2 forums for new inventions in Poland and Croatia, providing the broader promotion of scientific and innovation achievements in Europe. At these international exhibitions were presented 202 works in various fields of science and technology, and 140 of them received awards in different categories (special prizes, gold, silver and bronze medals), which is the golden fund of creativity and inventiveness of the Republic Moldova. Mrs. Bolocan also stressed that at these international forums AGEPI also presented certain awards (medals, diplomas) to the best workrs presented by inventors from other countries.

In the same vein, Mrs. Lilia Bolocan specified among the objectives of AGEPI for 2015 the extension of the presence of inventors of the republic at the international exhibitions of inventions organized in the European countries.

The Director General of AGEPI was keen to stress that inventors and creative people in the Republic of Moldova enjoy the support and respect of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), being awarded on several occasions the distinctions of this prestigious international institution, namely: Gold Medal “Outstanding Inventor “, Gold Medal “Junior Inventor”, Trophy “Innovative Enterprise” and Gold Medal for Creativity. This year, on the joint recommendation of AGEPI and Ministry of Culture, WIPO awarded the Gold Medal for Creativity to Mr. Igor Cobileanschi, famous screenwriter and film director, representative of the younger generation of filmmakers from the country, for his contribution to promoting local film industry and Moldova’s image abroad. Attending the event, Mr. Cobileanschi expressed his satisfaction to be awarded and recognized in the Republic of Moldova, mentioning the importance of protecting intellectual property in the field of cinematography.

Later, according to the schedule of the meeting, Mr. Aurelian Gulea, academician - coordinator of the Natural and Exact Sciences Division, ASM, presented the diplomas and medals obtained by the inventors from our country at the International Exhibition of Innovation, Research and New Technologies in Brussels, Belgium, appreciating also the fruitful collaboration of the Academy Sciences of Moldova with the AGEPI since 1994. Mr. Gulea thanked for the support the inventors have had from the AGEPI for their participation in the international exhibitions of inventions in Geneva and Brussels this year.

In continuation of the meeting, Mrs. Lilia Bolocan presented the distinctions obtained by the inventors of the Republic of Moldova at the international exhibitions in Poland and Croatia.

At the end of the meeting, Mrs. Bolocan congratulated all the prize-winners and encouraged them to be more active at the exhibitions and forums in 2015 both in the country and especially at the international ones, because innovations are a challenge for humanity and it must be accepted.