AGEPI supports Patenting Inventions and Plant Varieties Abroad


The Cabinet today approved the Draft Government Decision approving the Regulation on Support for Patenting Abroad Inventions and Plant Varieties created in the Republic of Moldova.

The draft was presented to Ministers by the Deputy Director General of the State Agency on Intellectual Property (AGEPI), Andrei Popa, who said that the mechanism to support patenting abroad presents an element of the intellectual property infrastructure and internationalization of the innovation process.

The development of this project comes to enforce the provisions of the Law on the Protection of Plant Varieties, Law on the Protection of Inventions and the provisions of Article 8 e) of the Law on the State Agency on Intellectual Property, according to which, AGEPI has the right to support patenting abroad inventions and plant varieties, created in the Republic of Moldova.

At the same time, innovation capacity building of research institutions, university centers and business environment by encouraging patenting inventions abroad is an important goal of the National Intellectual Property Strategy until 2020, this task is extremely important for promoting science and innovation in the Republic of Moldova and integration into the global innovation circuit.

In this context, achieving this goal involves the development of a functional mechanism to support the patenting process, ensuring both the regulatory framework and financial resources necessary to support the patenting process.

The draft normative act comes to regulate the mechanism of supporting patenting abroad inventions and plant varieties created in the Republic of Moldova, the mode of presenting applications for financial support, the procedure for examination and approval of applications for financial support, and the evidence of using the funds.

Following the approval of the draft, there will be eligible for financial support small and medium-sized enterprises, organizations in the sphere of science and research/development, which requested the issuance of a patent for invention / patent for a plant variety in the Republic of Moldova, to partially cover the costs incurred for patenting abroad inventions and plant varieties. In the same calendar year, the financial support will be given to an applicant only once, but the amount will not exceed the equivalent of 3000 Euro, including the commission for banking operations.

According to the established procedure, the draft has been reviewed and approved by the Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Finance, Academy of Sciences of Moldova, National Confederation of Trade Unions, National Anticorruption Center and Ministry of Justice, the suggestions and proposals of which were considered in finalizing the draft.