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Welcome! International Exhibition of research, innovation and patenting PRO INVENT-2010


On March 16-19, 2010 in Cluj-Napoca, Romania will take place the seventh edition of the “International Salon of Research, Innovation and Patents PRO INVENT-2010”. The event in question is organized by the Ministry of Education, Research and Innovation, National Authority for Scientific Research.

The Salon organizers are: Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, Cluj Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Expo-Transylvania S. A. , Cluj-Napoca, Romania Inventors Society, in partnership with: Academy of Technical Sciences, Cluj Branch, Northwest Development Agency, Romanian Inventors Forum, Union of Universities in Cluj, the State Agency on Intellectual Property of the Republic of Moldova (AGEPI).

Like previous editions, the Salon intends to be a meeting place for both inventors with potential users and the general public.

Salon schedule:

March 15

  • Salon Fitting

March 16

  • 11. 00 - The official opening
  • 12. 00 - Launch of “Dictionary of contemporary Romanian inventors”- Volume II

March 16-19

  • Exhibition Program
  • Invention scholarship (inventors meetings with potential users, presentation of ideas and products)
  • Presentations: Framework Program 7, The National Strategy for Research, Development and Innovation for the period 2007-2013
  • Realization of the scientific relations between the participants and the organizations of the participating countries
  • Judging the represented inventions

March 18

  • Ceremony of honoring the authors and holders of the most valuable inventions.

March 19

  • 14. 00 - Closing of the Salon.

In order to register in the catalog of the Salon there shall be met the following criteria:

  • The name of participant (institute, university, company, individual, etc.) Please do not use abbreviations, do not send scanned documents.
  • The title of invention (in Romanian and English).
  • Author / authors (scientific title, name, surname).
  • The patented work (Patent No.) or in patent pending.
  • Brief presentation, no more than 3 lines (in Romanian and English).
  • Field / fields of applicability.
  • Distinctions obtained from other salons.

Sending the text shall be made by e-mail in Word, preferably Arial-Rom, print 12, until March 5, 2010. Responsibility for the accuracy of the information submitted is to the author.

Contact person:

Stanciu Emil Constantin
tel: 0740 332017, 040264-401359

Additional Details: