Vladimir Curbet, Decorated with the Highest Award of the World Intellectual Property Organization – Gold Medal for Creativity


On 14 October this year, in the opening concert of the Chisinau City Day celebration, the first ballet master of the State National Academic Ensemble of Folk Dances “Joc” Vladimir Curbet was awarded the highest distinction of the World Intellectual Property Organization - Gold Medal for Creativity. The award was presented by the Director General of the State Agency on Intellectual Property (AGEPI) Lilia Bolocan.

“This year, the State Agency on Intellectual Property of the Republic of Moldova wants to bring gratitude to a man who has led the traditional dance at the highest level of performance arts, whose name is Vladimir Curbet, founder and head of the national dance ensemble “JOC”. Considering Mr. Curbet choreography as an original vision that keeps our people’s national specificity and the interpretation of national dance, and State recognition for his dedication to national folklore, on AGEPI initiative, the World Intellectual Property Organization has appointed Vladimir Curbet as winner of the WIPO Gold Medal Award for Creativity”, said Lilia Bolocan.

Awarding of WIPO distinctions aims, on the one hand the recognition of activity of the creators, inventors, innovators, on the other hand, they are an effective means for expanding the knowledge of the intellectual property system not only by the potential users in industry and commerce, culture and university-environment, information and digital techniques sector, but also by the general public worldwide. At international level, distinctions awarded by WIPO are considered among the most prestigious awards for inventors and creators.

WIPO gives equal importance to both industrial property and copyright and related rights. In order to bring a well deserved tribute to authors, performers, choreographers, WIPO decided to establish, in 2001, the Gold Medal “For creativity”. The predestination of WIPO Medal “For Creativity” is to make well-known the World Intellectual Property Organization and its activities and to offer to national authorities and organizations ways to value and reward the relevant creativity and accomplishments on copyright and related rights.

Launched in August 1945, the State National Academic Ensemble of Folk Dances “Joc”, honoured collective of the Republic of Moldova, Laureate of many national and international competitions, asserted itself as a genuine institution of taking over and fructification of beautiful and valuable traditions, customs, rituals and habits of the Romanians from he Republic of Moldova, thus assuming the noble task of representative of national art and culture.

Since 1957, at the head of the Ensemble “Joc”, was the talented chief choreographer and artistic director Vladimir Curbet, People’s Artist of the Republic of Moldova and the former USSR, laureate of the State Prize, Holder of the Order of the Republic of Moldova, ethnographer and folklorist, utilization of folk dance and music, artist of encyclopedic team.

Vladimir Curbet was born on September 19, 1929, in the village Susleni, Orhei district.
He graduated the music school “Stefan Neaga” in Chisinau in 1966. Educated in an environment favorable to the upward development of artistic vocation, Curbet successfully finished the school of folk song and dance. In 1949-1953 he was the artistic leader of the team of amateur dancers from the Susleni District House of Culture; in 1953-1957 he led the team of folk dances in the village of Caragas, Slobozia. In 1957 was named teacher-repeater, and in 1958 artistic director and first ballet master of the State Academic Ensemble of Folk Dances “Joc”. Organically assimilating the musical and choreographic art of the countrymen, Vladimir Curbet assembled Moldavian folk dances that keep the national specificity of movements and indigenous manner of interpretation. A “Sarba”and a “Batuta” mounted in Susleni were noticed by the specialists at the Republican festival of song and dance in 1949. For assembling of dances “Jocul fierarilor” (Dance of Blacksmiths) and “Sarba” (a Romanian folk dance) on the stage of the village Caragas he was conferred on the title of laureate (gold medal) of the Sixth World Festival of Youth and Students in Moscow (1957 ). With the ensemble “Joc” Curbet assembled 50 dances, among which stand out “Jocul fierarilor”, “Braul”, “Batuta”, “Voiniceasca”, “Haiduceasca”, “Hora fetelor”, “Maruntica”, “Craitele”, “Moldoveneasca”, “Taraneasca”, “Razaseasca”, “Hora mare”. Remarkable achievements: “Calusarii”, “Nunta moldoveneasca”, “Martisor”, suite “Bucuria”, “Suita din Bugeac”, “Suita din Carpati”, duets “La izvor”, “La vie”, etc. Under the leadership of Curbet ensemble “Joc” has achieved a high interpretative level, which gave it the possibility to often concertize abroad.