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Visit of the Students of the Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova to AGEPI


On February 18, Lilia Bolocan, Director General of the State Agency on Intellectual Property (AGEPI), met with third-year students from the Business and Business Administration Department, “Management of Innovations” discipline, ASEM being on an information visit to AGEPI.

The purpose of the visit was to familiarize students with the national system of protection, enforcement and use of intellectual property (IP) rights.

AGEPI Director General in her message addressed to the students highlighted the role of the national IP office in the implementation of policies on intellectual property, the specificity and importance of the protection of IP objects. At the same time, through eloquent examples, she noted the risks that may arise in the case of use of unregistered trademarks, as well as the fact that in the Republic of Moldova any natural or legal person can register its trademark with AGEPI.

This procedure is not mandatory but offers a number of significant advantages, the most important being the possibility to claim your rights in a brand in case of unauthorized attempts to use it, said Mrs. Bolocan.

Subsequently, the students visited the subdivisions responsible for the protection and promotion of intellectual property objects where the AGEPI specialists spoke about the procedures for registration of IP objects and presented how these procedures are actually carried out within the AGEPI Departments.

Finally, the students were pleased with the event and the knowledge gained during the visit, emphasizing the importance of the information obtained for their later activity.