Twenty First Anniversary of the Foundation Day of AGEPI


Dear colleagues,

On the occasion of the twenty first anniversary of the foundation of the State Agency on Intellectual Property of the Republic of Moldova, I address you the warmest greetings and wishes for health and prosperity to each of you individually and AGEPI staff in integrity.

After more than two decades of work of the Agency’s employees – in the context of joint efforts exerted by our people in affirming and developing the Republic of Moldova in the new historical conditions – I think that we have every reason to be proud of the results achieved during this period of intense work and to say with confidence that at present in the Republic of Moldova intellectual property is in its place of honor, giving it the attention and protection the intellectual product deserves in a modern society.

In 2013 AGEPI specialists have successfully activated in all sectors of their work: the receipt and examination of applications, grant of titles of protection, updating of the legislative IP framework, fully harmonized with the requirements of the internal innovative activity and the provisions of the international and European legislation, strengthening the databases of industrial property objects, promotion and ongoing propagation of the national IP system, strengthening the material and technical basis of the Agency and the national intellectual property system as a whole, which aims to facilitate effectively the activity of right holders in the country and abroad in the process of protection and enforcement of rights in the IPO.

Dear colleagues! Today we are celebrating one of the most beautiful events of our team - the birthday of AGEPI. I congratulate you once again on this special occasion and wish you outstanding achievements in your professional activity, personal happiness, peace and harmony in your families!

Director General of AGEPI