Training Seminar in IP for Judges


In order to promote awareness of the national system of protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights among employees in the justice sector of the Republic of Moldova, on April 30 this year, within the premises of the National Institute of Justice, AGEPI organized a training seminar entitled “Peculiarities for Settlement of Litigation related to Intellectual Property Protection”. The action in question is included in the activities provided by the Memorandum of Cooperation between NIJ and AGEPI, signed in early April.

The seminar was moderated by Ion Tiganas, Director General of AGEPI and Andrei Moisei, Director of Legal Department, AGEPI.

During the Seminar were discussed topics focused on enforcement of intellectual property rights (IPR), including: application of national legislation in the examination of civil cases in the field of IPR; disputes in the field of copyright and related rights; industrial property disputes; assessment of evidence in civil matter and remedies in the field; the impact of IPR offences on society; cooperation of authorities and institutions responsible for IPR enforcement: Police, Customs Service, right holders, etc.

The participants in the Seminar had the opportunity to exchange experience and information on issues of effective exercise of intellectual property rights, took note of various case studies in the field.