A Training Seminar on Examination of Patent Applications is conducted at AGEPI


With a view to implementation of activities included in the AGEPI-EPO Joint Activity Program for 2011-2013 and multilateral cooperation with European institutions to develop an efficient system of protection of inventions by patents, similar to the European one, from 10 to 11 December 2012 at AGEPI is conducted the Training Seminar on Drafting of Official Communications in Examination Procedure. The Seminar intended for examiners of patent applications within AGEPI is moderated by experts of the European Patent Office (EPO).

Participants in the Seminar discussed various aspects of the examination procedure, such as:

  • Times and types of content of communications;
  • Extended search opinion;
  • Further communication(s);
  • Summons to oral proceedings;
  • Grant procedure including votum;
  • Amendments after grant;
  • Writing a refusal;
  • Further real case studies

This seminar is fits fully in the activities conducted by AGEPI in the field of multilateral and bilateral cooperation with European institutions, particularly EPO and OSIM. Taking into account Moldova’s aspirations for integration into European structures and harmonization of the national legal framework for the protection of inventions with that of the European Union and recognizing the role that the European Patent Organization has to support innovation, competitiveness and economic growth in Europe, cooperation with EPO is a priority of and advantageous to our country.

AGEPI Press Service