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Training Seminar: Accounting of Intangible Assets


On 29 November, the State Agency on Intellectual Property (AGEPI) organized a training seminar entitled “Accounting of Intangible Assets”. The event aimed at enhancing the degree of information of the specialists of the higher education institutions and those in the field of science and innovation on the role of intellectual property objects as intangible assets, as well as the opportunity and the means of their accounting.

At the opening of the seminar, AGEPI Deputy Director General, Andrei Popa, welcomed the participants, mentioning that they will have the opportunity to know from the best specialists in the field, practices and models of efficient administration of intellectual property.

Further, according to the program, Iurie Badar, Head of the AGEPI Training Division, spoke to the participants about the incorporation of intellectual property objects into the economic circuit, as well as on the ways of managing, evaluating and recording intellectual property, elucidating the problems of the economic value of intellectual property objects as intangible assets for the economic development and the competitiveness of enterprises or companies on the internal and external markets.

Vasile Bucur, Dr. Hab., univ. prof., spoke to the participants about the notions, composition and evaluation of intangible assets, accounting of intangible asset entries, as well as accounting of the transfer of the right to use intangible assets and their investment.

The training seminar ended with a question and answer session. Finally, the attendees received certificates of participation in the seminar.