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Tombstone War


In recent years, it is attested a particular interest in the protection of tombstones appearance. Thus, in 2015, to the State Agency on Intellectual Property (AGEPI) were submitted for registration 144 models of tombstones.

For comparison, in previous years, a total of 129 models were submitted. The momentum of protection claims is linked to the competition appeared on the market and the desire to impose dominance in this area.

Thus, from the submission of the first application of protection of the external appearance of tombstones in 2011 and the attempt to impose domination on the market, it was observed the models diversification tendency in order to avoid collision with previously protected models.

This proves once again that before you start a business or production it is necessary to register the external appearance of products in order to not be copied or, worse, to avoid the registration of models produced by others.