Tenth Session of the ASM Assembly


On current February 19 Academy of Sciences of Moldova held the tenth session of the Assembly of ASM activity results for 2008.

The event was attended by Ms Zinaida Greceanii, Prime Minister of Moldova, ASM Assembly members, directors of institutions in the fields of science and innovation, rectors of higher educational institutions in the country, businessmen.

In her report Prime Minister of Moldova said that in 2008 the monthly allowances for science have exceeded those given for full year 2001, stating that in the last 8 years the science funding has increased annually by 1.4 times. All these achievements were possible due to the adoption in 2004 of the Code on Science and Innovation, which was the starting point for process of the reformation and optimization of the science system.

The Acad. Gheorghe Duca, President of ASM, said that in recent years in Moldova was carried out a radical transformation of the scientific community. In the reference period were increased budgetary allocations for the knowledge society, increased salaries, scholarships and scientists allowances. In 2008 there were signed several bilateral agreements on cooperation with research institutes in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Romania, Germany, Czech Republic, which offer the possibility to finance joint projects of Moldovan and foreign researchers.

The session also presented papers of Acad. Teodor Furdui, senior vice president of ASM (Report on the use of budget allocations in the sphere of science and innovation in 2008), Dr.. hab. Ion Guceac, Scientific Secretary General of the ASM (Research and Innovation in 2008), member correspondent Jon Tighineanu, vice president of ASM (Developing of nanotechnologies) etc.

A report on the national intellectual property system in 2008 was presented by Dr.. Dorian Chirosca, Director General AGEPI.

The tenth Session of the Assembly ASM ended with a festive awarding the prizes to winners of competitions organized by ASM: for valuable scientific work of 2008 (seniors); for the best scientific works of young researchers; Creation contest for journalists “Archimedes' leverage”.

In this context we shall note that AGEPI is granting annual a series of money prizes in the frame of the contest "Archimede' leverage". For 2008, for example, were awarded 8 prizes to the most active journalists in the media reflecting the achievements of science and innovation.