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Session of the WIPO Permanent Committee on the copyright and related rights


On June 18-22, 2007 in Geneva, Switzerland took place the II Special Session of the WIPO Permanent Committee on the copyright and related rights (SCCRR).

In the framework of the Session there were elucidated matters of the copyright, discussed evolution and perspectives of the development of the international system of intellectual property protection. The work of the Session was axed on the definition of the draft of the Treaty on the Broadcasting Organizations Rights. The work of this special Permanent Committee will be followed by the Preliminary Meeting in relation of the Diplomatic Conference provided for signing this new WIPO Treaty.

It should be mentioned that the I Session of the respective Committee took place at the beginning of current June, there was elaborated a final Agreement on the broadcasting and cablecasting organizations.

The Republic of Moldova was represented in this session by Dorian Chirosca, Director General of the State Agency on Intellectual Property. During the visit Mr. Dorian Chirosca was assumed by the Director General of WIPO Mr. Kamil Idris and Vice-Director General WIPOMr. on the Technical Cooperation Narendra Sabharwal. In the reception also took part Mr. Victor Moraru charge d’affaires ad interim of Moldova under the UNO office in Geneva.

In the framework of the summit talks there were discussed the level and perspectives of the cooperation between the Republic of Moldova and WIPO. With this aim it was mentioned the interest of both parties to develop the collaboration in the field of intellectual property protection, inclusively by signing the Agreement on Cooperation between the RM and WIPO. Moreover, there were discussed the possibilities on granting technical assistance to RM by the WIPO in order to develop the national intellectual property system, as well as to organize in Chisinau several specialized seminars.

The eminent organization men of WIPO accepted the official invitation to come with working visits in the Republic of Moldova.

The Director general of AGEPI was awarded with two certificates confirming granting the WIPO distinctions, namely:

  • WIPO Trophy “Innovative Enterprise” to the Institute of Chemistry of the Academy of Sciences Of Moldova, for the inventions created in the field of synthesis of the biologic active substances and other substances having useful properties in the different fields of the national economy;
  • WIPO Gold Medal “Outstanding Inventor”, in order to award the most active inventor of the Republic of Moldova, participant of the X-th International Specialized Exhibition “Infoinvent 2007” organized in Chisinau on June 27-30, 2007 by the State Agency on Intellectual Property, Academy of Sciences of Moldova and International Exhibition Center “Moldexpo’.