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Seminar on Intellectual Property for Doctoral and Master Candidates from the ASM University


About 85 doctoral and master candidates from the University of the Academy of Sciences (UnASM) participated today in a training seminar entitled “Intellectual Property - A Tool for Exploitation of Research Results. The Role of Patent Information in Modern Society”, organized by the State Agency on Intellectual Property (AGEPI).

The seminar aimed to familiarize the participants with the national system of protection and exploitation of intellectual property.

During the seminar, AGEPI specialists presented the normative and legislative framework in the field of protection of intellectual property objects in the Republic of Moldova, in particular of inventions, spoke about intellectual property as a tool for exploitation of research results, management of innovations and intellectual property in universities.

The participants in the seminar were informed about the important role of intellectual property offices and the Technology Transfer Offices (TTO) in the creation - protection - exploitation of scientific results and inventions in order to more efficiently manage the portfolio of intellectual property objects created and owned by educational institutions. Currently in four universities of the Republic of Moldova (SUM, TUM, SAUM, SUARB) with the support of the TecTNet TEMPUS Project “Technological Transfer Network” were opened and activate TTOs, assisting inventors in protecting and promoting inventions.

AGEPI specialists also presented sources of information and documentation in the field of intellectual property, especially of inventions, national and international databases in the field, familiarizing the doctoral and master candidates, by practical examples, with the most simple and useful ways of documentation. Particular interest for doctoral candidates aroused the platform “Patent Landscape”, an application created and managed by AGEPI about inventions, inventors and patents registered in the Republic of Moldova by national and international route, which allows of conducting thematic and analytical research in the patent information.

We should note that, in February 2010, the State Agency on Intellectual Property and University of the Academy of Sciences signed a Cooperation Agreement on Intellectual Property.