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Seminar “Televised Piracy - Diagnosis and Remedies”


The Association for the Development of Culture and Protection of Copyright and Related Rights “Apollo”, in partnership with the National Agency on Intellectual Property of the Republic of Moldova, organize on 21 February 2011, in the conference hall of the hotel “Jolly Alon”, starting from 9.30, the Seminar “Televised Piracy - Diagnosis and Remedies” - as a first action in the National Campaign “Look with Confidence”.

At the event are invited to attend representatives of the Government of the Republic of Moldova, civil society and broadcasters of the Republic, as well as the diplomatic corps accredited in Moldova.

Within the framework of the seminar will be presented reports: “Televised Piracy - Diagnosis and Remedies” (rapporteur: Mr. Vasile Nastase, President of the Association “Apollo”) and “National Legislation - Achievements and Deficiencies” (rapporteur: Mr. Ion Tiganas, Deputy Director General of the State Agency on Intellectual Property), followed by debates and communications of the participants in the seminar.

Also, in the seminar will be launched an anti-piracy advertising reel, which will be broadcasted by the television stations concerned, and the National Anti-Piracy Covenant, a document with ethical and deontological worth of commitment assumed to the renunciation of infringement of copyright and related rights and support of actions to combat this threatening professional scourge, open for signature by broadcasters of the Republic of Moldova.

Also, will inform you that in the National Campaign “Look with Confidence” the Association “Apollo”, in partnership with AGEPI and other interested institutions, will organize various activities to raise public awareness by appropriate means, including through written and audiovisual media, of the importance of respecting the rights of producers of films and TV programs in Moldova, an essential factor in sustaining and developing the audiovisual product, organizing promotional events and publishing materials on the actions aimed at combating piracy. To this end, there will be developed cultural exchange programs of public utility, as well as artistic, scientific, educational, documentary, among natural persons, NGOs, professional associations to promote and spread knowledge of both domestic audiovisual and universal work.

In the National Campaign against piracy will be held, therefore, more actions with the view of informing, making liable and sanctioning all those who knowingly infringe copyright and related rights, actions meaning not only a uncompromising fight against piracy, but also an action of direct support to press freedom as the basic pillar of democracy.


The Association for the Development of Culture and Protection of Copyright and Related Rights “Apollo” has primary statutory objective right in monitoring operation under the sign of legality of broadcasting in Moldova, especially from the viewpoint of its protection from pirated and unlicensed products, initiating and carrying out certain actions of collaboration with the competent bodies on the development and submission for approval of regulations to harmonize the national legislation with the European one in the field, coordination of legal interventions and informational activities related to the protection of copyright and related rights.