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Online Seminar: Patent Analytics and IPR Management Training


The State Agency on Intellectual Property (AGEPI) invites all interested parties to participate in a training seminar entitled “Patent Analytics and IPR Management Training”, organized within the KnowING IPR project, simultaneously in the following partner states: Slovakia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Moldova and Ukraine.

The seminar aims to familiarize participants with the Knowing IPR platform, developed within the project and their practical training on the use of tools provided by the platform. The event will be organized in a virtual class, based on the support materials available in English on the Moodle platform and will take place according to the following program:

October 12 (ZOOM platform): Launch of the training seminar; presentation of the platform and instructional support materials; exchange of views on the role of IP management in creating research-entrepreneurship partnerships;

October 13-14 (Moodle platform): Self-training in the virtual classroom, study of support materials and practical practice of the platform’s tools.

Persons, who will participate in the training course and will take the evaluation test, will receive certificates of completion of the course.

Those interested can register at the following address:

For details you can contact us at the e-mail address: or at the telephone number: 022400583.