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The Number of Applications filed Online with the AGEPI Doubled


The number of applications for registration and renewal of intellectual property objects filed online with the State Agency on Intellectual Property (AGEPI) has experienced significant growth in 2016.

Thus, 1,521 applications were filed online last year, i.e., double compared to 2015, when 746 applications were registered in 12 months.

In 2016, over 3,600 applications for registration and renewal of intellectual property objects were filed with the AGEPI, of which about 42 percent were filed electronically.

According to AGEPI Director General, Octavian Apostol, performance is due to information activities of different categories of applicants on the advantages of using the online service conducted in the framework of seminars, workshops, etc. Octavian Apostol recommended to both applicants and patent attorneys to use the online filing service provided by AGEPI, which allows them of accessing the service 24/24 hours, excluding the necessity of travel to the Agency, secure access, monitoring the input/output correspondence, paying online without commission and rapidly communicating with AGEPI by notification system.

AGEPI e-portal users benefit from a modern AGEPI service payment system, including by credit card, in advance, in cash or using the MPay Governmental Service.

Also, applicants benefit free of charge from the electronic signature of the e-AGEPI system or can use the digital signature, mobile signature or by using the MSign Governmental Service.

Since the launch of the e-AGEPI Service, 2013, until the end of 2016, 2586 applications for registration of intellectual property objects were filed online.

Over the years, the portal was modified and adjusted to provide quality services and help improve communication process between applicants and AGEPI.

Also, to facilitate the use of the system for online filing of applications, AGEPI specialists have developed various guidelines and recommendations, which are available on