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News from the Hungarian Intellectual Property Office (HIPO)


By virtue of Act CXLVIII of 2010, the name of the Hungarian Patent Office has changed to Hungarian Intellectual Property Office (HIPO) as of 1 January 2011. The new name reflects the competence and responsibilities of the HIPO giving the right information to their users and partner institutions on their activities that cover all fields of intellectual property rights.

Following the example of other national offices that fulfill governmental duties in respect of the protection of intellectual property rights, the change of the name aligns with the efforts to modernize the image of the Hungarian Office and to enhance the awareness of the users on global issues by showing an easily understandable connection with the World Intellectual Property Organization.

In parallel, with the introduction of the new name, the provisions concerning the competence of the HIPO have also changed. The new duties to be performed cover the registration and supervision of collective rights management organizations. Besides that, the HIPO will contribute to the establishment of a uniform nation brand and to the enhancement of the reputation of typical Hungarian products.

The tasks related to the operation of the National Board Against Counterfeiting have now been explicitly regulated by law.

HIPO hopes the new name will serve in their efforts of increasing awareness and understanding of intellectual property rights.