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New Geographical Indications for Traditional Moldovan Products Could Be Protected


New geographical indications for traditional Moldovan products could be protected. These have been identified in a study, prepared by the experts of the European Union Project “Support to Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights” in the Republic of Moldova in partnership with the State Agency on Intellectual Property (AGEPI). The results of the study were presented today within the framework of a Workshop entitled “The Role of Traditional Products with Geographical Indication in Business Development in the Republic of Moldova and the European Union”, organized during the exhibition FOOD & DRINKS, which is currently taking place at the I.E.C. “Moldexpo”.

In the opening of the event, AGEPI Director General Lilia Bolocan mentioned that the Agency has made and will continue to make strong efforts to create a strong system of protection and promotion of geographical indications in the Republic of Moldova.

The Project experts then presented the study, based on the results of the national campaign to identify products, beverages and dishes specific to certain geographical regions, which could be promoted under a geographical indication or as traditional specialties guaranteed, which was conducted during the period August-October 2017. The experts analyzed the three economic and agro-pedological zones of the Republic of Moldova (North, Center and South zones), 33 districts, TAUG and Chisinau crafts were identified, of which 55 are agricultural and agri-food products and 16 are handicrafts. At the subsequent evaluation stage, following the interest shown by the business environment, seven products were selected for which the protection of GI or TSG is to be obtained. These products are: Kaurma (sheep meat product), Magura Goat Cheese, Forest Honey, Tigheci Forest Honey and Mousse of Honey with Forest Berries, Fruit Paste – a dried milled spice of red sweet pepper.

During the event were also addressed the challenges and opportunities for or business development with traditional products and with GIs in our country, as well as their export potential on EU markets. According to EU Project experts, the product sector that can be promoted and marketed under GIs is composed mostly of micro-enterprises, small and medium-sized enterprises or craftsmen. The general economic trend, which is part of the process of registration, promotion and marketing of products with GIs, shows that most EU and third country products are produced by small and medium-sized enterprises with a tendency to associate them with agricultural cooperatives and producer associations.

The event was attended by representatives from AGEPI, Ministry of Agriculture, Regional Development and Environment, Ministry of Economy and Infrastructure, National Agency for Food Safety, Center of Applied Metrology and Certification, Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Experts of the EU Project “Support to Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights” in the Republic of Moldova and about 20 domestic producers.

Currently, on the territory of the Republic of Moldova are protected on the basis of registration by national route - 10 appellations of origin, including 3 indigenous and 7 foreign, as well as 7 indigenous geographical indications.

The Technical Assistance Project “Support to Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights”, funded by the European Union has a duration of two years and is to be completed in November 2018. One of the basic objectives of the project is to improve the geographical indications system in the Republic of Moldova.

It should be noted that the State Agency on Intellectual Property and the European Union Project “Support to Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights” in the Republic of Moldova participate with an informative stand in the International Specialized Exhibition FOOD & DRINKS, which is held from 10 to 13 May 2018, at the I.E.C. “Moldexpo”. There are several producers at the stand who promote their native products with geographical indications or with potential GIs and TSG. The Agency specialists also provide consultations on the theoretical and practical aspects of protection of intellectual property objects, information sources in the field, distribute promotional materials and offer consultations in the field of intellectual property, both to the economic agents present at the stands and to the visitors of the exhibition.