Moldova received the International Energy Globe Award


Ambassador of the Republic of Austria to the Republic of Moldova, Gerhard Reiweger, presented the Energy Globe Award 2016 for the Republic of Moldova.

The award was presented to researcher Mihail Poleacov for achieving outstanding innovations in energy and environmental protection. The paper was submitted to the competition by the Union of Inventors and Rationalizers “Innovator” (UIR) of the Republic of Moldova.

The invention relates to an earthquake detector for the population developed by the Children’s Club under protection of UIR “Innovator”. This detector is designed in a simplistic way, is produced from household waste and detects earthquakes.

The second direction of the program for more safety against earthquakes is their detection through waste paper. This method is tested with the “American Rescue Team International”.

To the event was also invited the Director General of the State Agency on Intellectual Property, Octavian Apostol, who on behalf of AGEPI, thanked His Excellency and the diplomatic mission team for the work done in our country and the support to inventors of the Republic of Moldova.

The Energy Globe Award 2016 presentation ceremony was held in the farewell reception of the Ambassador of Austria in the Republic of Moldova, Gerhard Reiweger, on the occasion of completion of the diplomatic mission.

Energy Globe Award is the most important international award granted to projects focusing on environmental protection presenting concrete solutions for energy efficiency, rational use of resources and renewable energies. The award is presented annually at regional, national and international level.