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Mentoring Programme in Intellectual Property for Companies and Startups


The State Agency on Intellectual Property (AGEPI) announces a Mentoring programme in IPR, patenting and technology offer launched within the project “Fostering Innovation in the Danube Region through Knowledge Engineering and IPR Management” (KnowING IPR), a project in which AGEPI is a partner.

Thus, AGEPI invites the representatives of companies and startups interested in acquiring new knowledge in the field of intellectual property (IP) to apply to the mentoring programme.

The IPR mentoring programme, patenting and technology offer enables SMEs and startups to develop their IPR skills, to enhance their IPR based cooperation, to have access to IPR open data and to use IPR knowledge to advance their work.

The mentoring programme launched by the KnowING IPR project aims to support 5 SMEs and 15 startups from Croatia, Romania and the Republic of Moldova, but applicants from other countries in the Danube region are also eligible.

The programme will have two components:

  1. Individual meetings (1-2 sessions) between participants and the KnowING IPR project experts;
  2. Online training: SMEs and startups participating in the mentoring programme will have the opportunity to deepen their knowledge on two topics: software patenting and innovation management. The e-learning process will be supported by online training materials prepared by the project experts.

The programme is free of charge and will run online, in English, from October 2021 to November 2021. Participants are kindly asked to participate actively in all programme activities. The deadline for application to the mentoring programme is September 20, 2021.

For more information related to the implementation of the project in the Republic of Moldova, please contact us at the email address: KnowINGIPR@agepi.gov.md or at the phone number 022 400 583.

Details about the mentoring programme as well as how to apply to the programme can be found here: http://www.interreg-danube.eu/news-and-events/programme-news-and-events/6652


The KnowING IPR project aims to facilitate innovation in the Danube Region by developing a transnational open access platform - Knowing Hub - which will provide the necessary tools to analyze and determine the state of the art in a particular field, track the progress of emerging technologies, identify solutions to various problems, providing free access to millions of patent documents around the world and also to an impressive number of publications in various technical fields.

Additionally, the platform will encompass information and guidance services for the effective management of intellectual property rights and for support to commercialization of research results and technology transfer.

The KnowING IPR project consists of a regional consortium comprising partners from the following countries: Slovenia, Slovakia, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Romania, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine.