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Meeting within the EU Project on Intellectual Property


On 17 March this year, at the State Agency on Intellectual Property (AGEPI), was held a meeting of the working groups I (Cultural Change) and III (Geographical Indications) of the technical assistance project “Support to Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights in the Republic Moldova”, financed by the European Union.

The event was attended by representatives of AGEPI, as well as of: Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Regional Development and Construction, Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industry, Customs Service, Consumer Protection Agency, Prosecutor General’s Office and the team of experts responsible for the implementation of the project.

During the meeting they discussed about the project activity with the view of preparing the program on awareness of the protection of intellectual property rights and improvement of the geographical indications system in the Republic of Moldova, establishment of contacts and adoption of the regulation of activity of the Groups. The participants were encouraged to actively participate in identifying the needs of institutions in the field of protection of intellectual property rights, including the geographical indications system and come up with proposals to improve the areas of competence of the institutions they represent.

The EuropeAid/137467/DH/SER/MD Project “Support to Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights”, financed by the EU under the European Neighbourhood Programme, started on 10 November 2016 and has an implementation period of two years. The main goal is to improve the application of intellectual property laws.