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Meeting of the National Commission on Intellectual Property Took Place


Meeting of the National Commission on Intellectual Property (CNPI) took place online on 26 April this year. The meeting was attended by representatives of the central specialized bodies of the public administration, law-enforcement and control authorities, responsible for the protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights, members of NCIP, including specialists therefrom.

The meeting was opened and chaired by Adrian Ermurachi, Deputy Secretary General of the Government, President of the NCIP Commission, who sent a congratulatory message on the occasion of World Intellectual Property Day, expressing his gratitude for the work and involvement of intellectual property specialists, an important engine of economic, cultural and social development.

During the meeting were examined and approved the Consolidated Monitoring Reports relating to the implementation of the Action Plan for 2018-2020 on the implementation of the National Intellectual Property Strategy until 2020 (reporting period 2020, as well as the implementation of the third stage of the Strategy), presented by Viorel Iustin, Director General of AGEPI. It was noted that both in 2020 and during the last stage, years 2018-2020, the implementation of the Strategy was successful, the proposed actions and objectives were fully met, thus achieving important results and performance in the field.

The representatives of the authorities appreciated the efforts and important contribution of AGEPI in the development and consolidation of the national intellectual property system, noted the efficient collaboration between institutions on the intellectual property segment, both nationally and internationally, relying on further outstanding achievements.

More information about the National Commission on Intellectual Property can be accessed at:țională-de-pi.