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Lidl and Apple Filed Most Applications for the Registration of Trademarks in the Republic of Moldova, in 2016


In the Republic of Moldova, trademarks are on top of industrial property objects for which protection is sought. During 2016, AGEPI received 4,478 applications for the registration of trademarks, including 1,968 (44%) came by the national route and 2,510 (56%) – by the international route. At the same time, to national applicants pertain 32% and to foreign ones - 68% of all applications submitted last year.

Most applications for the registration of trademarks were filed by foreign companies: Lidl Stiftung & Co. KG in Germany – 69 applications, “Apple INC” in the USA – 56, Orion Corporation in Korea – 43, World Medicine Ilaç Sanayi in Turkey – 37, “Kaufland Warenhandel GmbH & Co. KG” in Germany – 34, Janssen Pharmaceutica NV in Belgium – 31, Philip Morris Brands S.A.R.L” in the USA – 30, Hyundai Motor Company in Korea – 30 applications and Oberegagro LLC in the Republic of Moldova with 29 applications.

On top 5 classes of goods and services for which applications for the registration of trademarks have been filed, reflecting the areas of interest to Moldovan market, are advertising, business administration and business management services (cl. 35), followed by pharmaceuticals and veterinary products (cl. 05), foodstuffs (cl. 30), scientific apparatus and instruments/computers (cl. 09) and cosmetics (cl. 03).

Providing trademark protection is an important step in the work of any company that wants to promote a product or service, distinguishing it from those of its competitors through distinctive elements.