Inventor’s and Rationalizer’s Day


Dear inventors and rationalizers,

Celebrating Inventor’s and Rationalizer’s Day is a good opportunity to promote innovation, which is the key driver of growth and well-being, and can provide a qualitative leap forward in society’s development.

Innovation and creativity are those inexhaustible intellectual resources on which our current and future prosperity depends. Inventions provide an unprecedented impetus to human progress, shaping needs. They improve daily life, create economic value, generate jobs and even save lives. And the inventors and rationalizers we honor today contribute immensely to the advancement of technology. The Republic of Moldova has a rich human potential, which effectively contributes to the recovery of the economy and which deserves all the appreciation, support and stimulation from the state and the whole society.

On behalf of the staff of the State Agency on Intellectual Property, I want to send sincere congratulations, health wishes to all inventors and rationalizers, wishing them good achievements in research, innovation and rationalization, and the results to be successfully implemented in various fields of the economy. Don't stop pushing the boundaries of knowledge. Have inspiration, innovative ideas, outstanding inventions and appreciation from society.

With special respect and appreciation,
Viorel IUSTIN,
Director General of AGEPI