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Introductory Seminar on Product Promotion and Successful Brand Development


The representatives of the State Agency on Intellectual Property (AGEPI) participated on April 23 in a practical online introductory seminar on product promotion and successful brand development, organized by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP). The purpose of the seminar was to initiate local public authorities and entrepreneurs in the target localities of the UNDP Project “Migration and Local Development” in the field of brand creation and promotion.

Thus, the event was attended by representatives of local public authorities, local residents’ associations, local entrepreneurs and other interested persons.

As trainer, from AGEPI, participated Andrei Moisei, main consultant, Communication and Training Division, who spoke to the participants about the protection of intellectual property (IP), especially about the trademark, industrial design and geographical indication protection system. Thus, various aspects related to the means of individualization of products and services were discussed, the emphasis being placed on the role of IP objects in developing successful businesses, promoting quality products and consumer loyalty. Particular attention was paid to the enforcement of exclusive rights in trademarks and other IP objects, as well as to their protection mechanisms in the internal market and export markets. The AGEPI specialist also came up with some recommendations on the consolidation of the management of the portfolio of intellectual property objects held by the local public authorities.

The participants in the seminar showed an active interest in the topics addressed, having the opportunity to receive answers to the questions asked.