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Interview: Children “do not” say crazy things...


“Piracy is a theft... Is copying an idea... An object created and reproduced by someone other... Piracy is punishable by law...”

Just so defined “piracy” students of several educational institutions in the country, who participated in the drawing competition “Stop piracy and counterfeiting”, organized by the State Agency on Intellectual Property (AGEPI). To learn how children perceive plagiarism or piracy phenomenon and what they think about those who violate copyright, AGEPI conducted an interview with them.

Have you ever plagiarized?

- “Sometimes. When we have to paint something, I look on the Internet to see how others have done”;

- “No, never”;

- “I have not. But I have classmates who copy designs from books and then say that they are their authors”;

- “I have never copied because I would not want anyone to copy my works”.

Why do children choose to illegally download music from the Internet?

- “Because it is free of charge”;

- “Because it is affordable and find what you’re interested in”;

- “Because I do not have to pay anyone”.

What do you most often download on the Internet?

- “Two years ago I downloaded movies, music, as official access to these products cost. Yet if it would be platforms from which we could download legally, I would be ready to pay a small amount”;

- “Books, various programs and applications”;

- “Games”.

Why is not good to install pirated software?

- “It may infect our computer with viruses”;

- “We can lose information from the computer”;

- “It will damage our computer”;

Would you agree to pay to download a movie?

- “We would agree, but according to the film, the actors that play, the subject line of the film, etc.”;

- “Yes, but not a very large sum of money”.

How can be punished the person infringing your copyright in the drawing?

- “To hand it over to the police, but to the best policemen”;

- “I will tell the teacher the problem”;

- “It must be amended”;

- “It must be punished by law”;

- “It must not be punished, but we must explain to it that it is not right what it does”.

Who should intervene, when your copyright is violated?

- “Police”;

- “AGEPI”;

- “The Professor”

What message do you have for people who violate the rights of authors?

- “Do not pirate, because you risk being punished”;

- “Do not copy, because it is a scourge”;

- “Be original, unique and do not copy from others”.