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Interregional Forum “Development and management of the Intellectual Property”


In the period of July 1-2 2008 the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) carries out in Geneva the Interregional Forum “Development and management of the Intellectual Property”. The reunion will be led by M. Narendra K. Sabharwal, vice-dire4ctor general WIPO.

Among the subjects being discussed in the frame of the high level reunion will appear:

  • Development and management of intellectual property: provocations and perspectives.
  • The role and responsibility of the intellectual property offices in elaboration of policy, strategy and national plan in relation of formation of an effective and balanced intellectual property system.
  • The integrated management of the intellectual property: organizational and management structures; objectives of the development; user profile and administrative functions.
  • Budget aspects in respect of establishment and functioning of the effective intellectual property management centered on the development; budget based on the performance; reducing the costs and increasing the effectiveness; financial autonomy; the long-term reliability.
  • The IP administering strategy in the context of evaluation of the human resources; the stuff and professional skill thereof; recruitment policy; improvement of the staff abilities and competence; loyalty of the skilled staff and valuation of the efficiency.
  • Users of the IP system and services rendering by the IP offices; access to the information and the databases in the IP field; special products and services provided for the specialists in the IP field, the small and middle enterprises (SME), institution of research and development (R&D), universities and maintaining services; public and private sector partnership.
  • Modernization of the intellectual property institutions – utilization of the informational technologies in the process of IP administration; rendering the effective, rapid and economical services; sensitizing of the public; creation of the net in the frame of user community, the electronic deposition and examination of files.
  • The role of intellectual property in the international negotiations; elaboration of the legislation and regulations and procedures on the intellectual property; reinforcing the application of the legislation.
  • Regional and international co-operation between the IP offices; the global vision and regional and national perspectives.
  • The role of the IP offices in utilization of the intellectual property as an instrument of development and promotion of innovations and creativity.

The reports on the above mentioned subjects will represent the experts Of the Eurasian Patent Office, Regional African Organization on Intellectual Property, National Institute on Industrial Property of Brasilia, Industrial Property Office of the Czech Republic, Patent and Registration Office of Finland, Patent Office of Japan, State Office on Inventions and trademarks of Romania, Office of Patents and Trademarks of Spain, Patent office of Poland, Patent Office of Hungary etc.

The participants shall acquaint with the international practice by representation of the communications with the national characteristics. The representative of the Republic of Moldova Dorian Chiroshca, director general of AGEPI will discuss the subject “The role of the administrations of copyright and related rights and the organizations of administration on the collective principles in the promotion of creativity and industry based on copyright” and will represent a report on the experience of the Republic of Moldova in this field.