International Salon of Inventions, Technology and New Products, Geneva (April 2-6, 2008)


The International Salon of Inventions, Technology and New Products, Geneva is an ideal place of meeting of the greatest inventors and a prestigious international event in the field of inventions, having annually on average 75.000 visitors.

The 36-th Salon will take place in the period of April 2-6, 2008, in the Exhibition Center “Palexpo” under the high patronage of the president of the Swiss Confederation, State Council of Switzerland as well as of more national and international organizations. The actual edition will gather representatives from about 45 countries with about 1000 new inventions shown by the industrial and commercial enterprises, state institutions and organizations as well as by the independent researchers and inventors of the entire world.

The salon is a good occasion for meeting of the investors, producers and economical agents, and a place of public visit where people may discover technologies facilitating in the near future their life.

According to a poll realized as a result of the salon 2007, the realizations showed that 75,65% of the participants were satisfied with the personal and professional contracts. Moreover, the value of the negotiated affairs rose up to 40.000000 US $.

In addition to the interest to find the partners, the participants of the Geneva exhibition will have possibility to evaluate their inventions, appreciated by the international Jury. The most relevant innovations will be mentioned with 49 special prizes, among which the Grand Prix of the Salon.

Being well-known in the world, the Salon is visited annually by nearly 600 jornalists.

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