International Exhibition of Inventions, Scientific Research and New Technologies „INVENTIKA-2009”


National authority on the scientific research (ANCS) of Rumania through the Technologic Transfer and Infrastructure Direction organizes in Bucharest, in the period of October 28-31, 2009, in cooperation with S.C. ROMEXPO S.A., the XIII International Exhibition of Inventions Scientific Research and New Technologies „INVENTIKA-2009”. Exhibition will be carried out under the aegis of Ministry of Education, research and Innovation and the International Exhibition of Inventions, Technology and New Products of Geneva, having a status of an official event of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

The exhibition „INVENTIKA-2009”, supported by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Rumania and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Bucharest, will take place in the Exhibition Complex ROMEXPO, at the same period with the Research Salon, in the frame of the International Technology Bucuresti-TIB 2009 fair. The inventors will receive the professional and competent support of the State Office of Inventions and Trademarks of Rumania (OSIM).

The exposed inventions will be appreciated by the International Jury. Moreover, there will be organized conferences, work-shops, round tables and presentations in support of inventors, in order to acquaint the public with elaborations of the inventors and facilitate concluding of some contracts with business partners.

Registration of participants in the exhibition „INVENTIKA-2009”, with the scope of selection by the Commission of the Scientific and Exhibition Events will take place within the period of September 23 – October 6, 2009, in the secretariat National authority on the scientific research (ANCS) (tel.: +40 21 316 29 77 +40 21 316 29 77 , fax: +40 21 318 30 71) and will be transferred by e-mail: and

Each applicant will file a list of inventions with which he wish take part indicating for each invention the following information:

  • Name, forename,author (s);
  • Address, mail code, telephone, fax,e-mail;
  • Title and description of the invention – no more than 2 lines (in Romanian and English).

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