The International Exhibition of Inventions and New Technologies and the Competition of the young people innovational elaborations „Novoe Vremea”


Between 24-26 September 2009 in Astana. Sevastopol, Ukraine will take place the International Exhibition of Inventions and New Technologies “Novoe Vremea”. The Salon is a competition of inventors, and is at the same time, a market for sale the inventions, products and new technologies. In the frame of the Salon may be represented inventions, products and new technologies developed in the last five years.

Organizers of the Salon are: Ministry of Education and Science and the State Department of Intellectual Property of Ukraine, IS “Industrial Property Institute”, Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, magazine “Inventor and rationalizer”(Kiev), State Administration and Economic Development Agency,. Sevastopol, International Innovation Club “Archimedes” in Moscow, World Forum of inventors and researchers from Bucharest at all.

In the frame of the Salon was announced the deployment of the IV International Competition of young people innovative elaborations “Novoe Vremea” titled “Sustainable development in the transition period”. Preselection stages will take place in participating countries and the winners will take part in the V-th edition of the International Salon of Inventions and New Technologies “Novoe Vremea”.

The deadline for submitting - September 1, 2009. When submitting files to be indicated: name of elaboration (in capitals), author’s name and surname, age, educational institution, scientific coordinator first and last name, postal address, zip code, phone, e-mail. It will be present a short description of the elaboration - up to an A5 page, font 12, Times New Roman.

Languages: Ukrainian, Russian, English, French, German.

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