Interactive Contest on Intellectual Property for Pupils


On 28 November this year, at IEC “Moldexpo”, was held an Interactive Contest on Intellectual Property for pupils “From Idea to Product”. The event was organized by the State Agency on Intellectual Property (AGEPI) in cooperation with the organization Junior Achievement Moldova.

The main objective of the contest was development of creative and inventive spirit of pupils and young generation awareness on the role of intellectual property in economic, social and cultural development of the country.

In the contest, there were formed five teams, of five pupils each, from six pre-university educational institutions, where pupils study the optional subject “Economic Education and Entrepreneurship”. Then, the participants received recyclable materials, which they used to create a new product.

Creativity, inventiveness and originality were the main criteria that have led pupils to create new products. Given the fact that the pupils were from different institutions, it was important to also draw attention on the teamwork and the division of roles in carrying out the works. Another important aspect was the presentation of the product in a more convincing manner.

The works presented at the interactive contest “From Idea to Product” were assessed by a jury. Finally, the participants benefited by prizes and diplomas of mention.

Pupils were impressed and expressed the desire to test their creativity in other meetings or contests of this kind.