Intellectual Property Rights in Sight of EUBAM


In the period 4-5 June this year, at the headquarters of the Customs Service Training Center was held the seminar “Intellectual Property Rights”. This meeting is part of the series of seminars of this kind organized by EUBAM in order to disseminate information and train employees of the Custom Service in the field of intellectual property rights.

State Agency on Intellectual Property, was presented at this seminar by the Deputy Director General Ion Tiganas who spoke about the role of Customs Service in the enforcement of intellectual property rights and by the Deputy Director of the Trademarks, Industrial Designs Department, Mrs. Natalia Mogol who familiarized the participants in the seminar with the legal provisions relating to the protection of trademarks in the Republic of Moldova.

EU experts, invited to the seminar presented the best practices to combat counterfeiting, which are the greatest achievements in the field, and about improvements of the legal framework aimed at strengthening the enforcement of intellectual property rights by the customs authorities of the EU Member States. They also discussed specific cases of detection of counterfeit products of certain famous trademarks: Nivea, Lacoste, Adidas, Hermes, Chanel, etc.

We should recall that the EUBAM Mission aims to contribute to the development of procedures for border management that meet EU standards and serve the legitimate needs of Moldovans and Ukrainians, travelers and commerce, which in turn will contribute to the strengthening of regional security and support of economic development. Also, AGEPI and EUBAM cooperation over the years has led to the joint organization of training seminars, bilateral meetings to exchange experiences and publish the national report on the enforcement of intellectual property rights in the Republic of Moldova.