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Intellectual Property - A Priority in the DCC Design School


Today, 30 August this year, the Interim Director General of the State Agency on Intellectual Property of the Republic of Moldova (AGEPI) Andrei POPA and the Founder of the DCC Design School Alexandrin BURAGA have signed a cooperation agreement in the field of intellectual property (IP).

The purpose of this agreement is to organize within the DCC Design School activities on training and development of the skills of young designers in the field of intellectual property and enforcement of IP rights.

The parties will unite their efforts with a view to efficiently exploit the intellectual and material potential they have in the process of implementation of the national intellectual property system, to facilitate access to information, to increase the level of culture in the field of IP in the advanced courses for designers organized by the Design School.

At the same time, the provisions of the agreement represent a good opportunity to raise awareness among designers, creative people, and entrepreneurs on the advantages of industrial design protection, other intellectual property objects, as well as the risks they face in the process of creation or exploitation of their works.

We should mention that, the Design School is a study platform for all those who want to learn a new profession in a short time and make a career in design, but also for students who already have a background in the arts and want to improve their knowledge. More details about the organization of courses you can see here: