Institution of the National Commission on the intellectual property


According to the Decision of the Government of the Republic of Moldova No. 489 of 29.03.2008, published in the Official Monitor No. 72-73/476 of 08.04.2008, it was instituted the National Commission on the Intellectual property. According to the approved Regulations, the National Commission is a consulting body under the Government, formed with the aim to coordinate and provide the interaction of the central administrative authorities, as well as the owners of the intellectual property rights in the fight with the counterfeit, import and commercialization of the counterfeit products in the Republic of Moldova.

President of the Commission is Igor Dodon, the first assistant of the vice-minister, minister of economy and commerce, and the vice-president of the Commission - Dorian Chirosca, director general of the State Agency on Intellectual Property.

The main charge of the Commission is:

  • coordination of the activities in the field of the fight against the counterfeit, import and commercialization of the counterfeit products;
  • elaboration and offering actions oriented to the development of the national system of intellectual property protection;
  • Aiding to realization of the strategy and programs of the development of national protection and utilization of the intellectual property objects, international and regional agreements in the field of intellectual property to which the republic of Moldova is party.

The Commission will examine at its sessions the different matters of the given field, elaborate or examine the drafts of the legislative acts, instructive-methodical documents etc., forming the working groups including representatives of the public authorities and specialists in the field of intellectual property.

The decision of the Commission will have a character of recommendation for all the public authorities endowed with the functions of responsibility in the intellectual property field.