Global Innovation Index -2012: Moldova ranked 50 among the top 140 countries


Switzerland, Sweden and Singapore are the countries ranked in the top three places in the global innovation index, published on July 3 this year by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and International Business School (INSEAD).

Moldova has dropped by 11 positions in that top, ranking 50 in the said ranking. In 2011 the Republic of Moldova ranked 39.

Our country remains in the group of lower-middle income countries. The worst situation in the country is attested to the Chapter implementation of innovations in the field of business; a relatively low score was obtained by research institutions, commercial and transport infrastructure, offers on risk capital and areas of interactions with other states in the field of innovations.

“However, although it has the lowest GDP per capita in Europe, Moldova’s economy, in transition and landlocked, lies ahead of Ukraine (63), another European country that is part of the group of lower-middle income countries”, says the study. However, Moldova has relative advantages of efficiency capability and relatively good indicators in terms of intellectual property.

In “Top Ten-2012” of innovation are also present Finland, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Denmark, Hong Kong, Ireland and USA. Russian Federation holds the 51st position, and Romania – 52nd.

This ranking “reminds us of the essential role played by innovation-friendly policies in the debate on spurring sustainable economic growth”, WIPO Director General Francis Gurry said, by calling on the resistance against the “downward pressure exerted by the current crisis on investment”.

The study “Global Innovation Index” (GII) is a ranking of the innovation performance of 140 countries and economies of the world. Ranking is based on 84 indicators. The study is developed and published by INSEAD, renowned International Business School (Business School for the World), together with experts-partners of GII: Alcatel-Lucent, Booz & Company, the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) and World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

(By: Infotag,