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General session of the WIPO states-members


Traditionally, in the period of September 25-October 3 in Geneva will take place the 42-th session of the General Meeting of the WIPO member states. The Republic of Moldova is represented by Stefan Novac, Director general of AGEPI and Liliana Vieru, Deputy head of the Promotion and publishing Department of the AGEPI.

At first, the representatives of 183 WIPO state-members elected Enrique Manalo as president of the session. Enrique Manalo, representative of Phillipines, thanked for the rendered vote of confidence, being elected for the second time as president, thanking also the General Director WIPO Dr. Kamil Idris and the Secretariate of WIPO for the support rendered the last year. He made believe the representations that will cooperate in the accessible and clear mode.

In his speach of welcome Dr. Kamil Idris, permanent Director General WIPO from November 1997, said: “WIPO is a global body promoting creativity and innovation, and rendering services to the structured group of users. Our scope consists in providing the intensive activity of this group and of all the specialists in the field, contributing the identification, protection and utilization of the intellectual values. The phenomena of including is a promotor of the volume that in my opinion, represents the basic objective of our activity”. Dr. Kamil Idris also said that the efforts of the Organization applied in the scope of the communication with the existent partners and us will result in increasing the number of actors in the field of IP.

Dr. Kamil Idris reported on the trend manifested by WIPO lying in the answer on the requirements of the states-members and introduce new mechanisms of the promotion of an open and mutual dialogue. Moreover, Director General referred to the administrative and organizational changes occurred on the level of the secretariat. The question is about the Program on the Strategic Scheduled Budget, on the Report on the annual activity, of the program with the operational indications, activity of an office of the financial inspection, having the audit and monitoring functions, entering in force of the purchase procedures.

The initiatives included in the plans of the activity on the national level had a scope automation of the office institutional capacities, creation of the Provisional Committee for the propositions related to the Agenda on Development of WIPO and formation of the Intergovernmental Committee on the Intellectual Property, genetic resources, traditional knowledge and folklore. In the field of the copyright Mr. Idris mentioned on the recommendations directed to the General Meeting to convene a Diplomatic Conference axed on the matters of protection of broadcasting organizations rights.

It was made much in order to facilitate and raise the efficiency of the procedures of filing and registration of the applications. The continuous and raising utilization of the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) is an evidence of confidence of the users community in this system and recognition of the efficient fees reducing. E.g. beginning from 1997, the fees according to PCT were reduced approximately with 45%, and in 2004 – up to 75% for the applicants of the less developed countries. The last two years it is observed the raise of the PCT applications with 14% in comparison with the preceding two years, as well as rise of the activity in the developing countries in the field of filing the applications with 46%.

“It is remarked a progress in the field of the trademarks. The best realizations may be mentioned: reducing the fees for the developing countries up to 90% according to the Madrid system; issue of an electronic weekly edition of the WIPO Bulletin on the international trademarks and of a new on-line service on the international trademarks prolongation, that subsequently will reduce the costs and increase the efficiency”, said Dr Idris.

Mr. Idris discussed the activity of the Center of the Arbitrage and Mediation, becoming a recognized authority in making decisions on the disputes in the field of domain names, by application of the Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy and Rules (UDRP). He mentioned that the Center made term with the parties of 131 countries and resolved from December 1999, the date of creation, 9000 cases. Mr. Idris has also remarked a substantial progress in the public efforts on information of the map monde population about IP.

Mr. Idris mentioned that “the last 9 years WIPO has substantially enlarged. These years being productive for the installation of bases came the time of consolidation and harmonization of our activity in order to gather in the future the benefits of these investments”. They indemnify the members states to act in the spirit of good-neighborhood, engagement and cooperation, to be understanding, maintaining the multilateral the dialogue, being open for the communication and be ready to go on the compromises so that all the states-members shall win, obtaining the solution “win-win” (the mutual advantage).

In summary Mr. Idris mentioned that there were organized profitable programs for all the nations, WIPO being the principal institution of IP on the world level and a real provider of the services in the nominated field. The Organization shall not only maintain but also consolidate this position, inspiring the respect of further generations to the real and well defined intellectual property culture.

In the framework of the reception offered by the Director General WIPO, took place a Moldovan wine-testing from the Purcari and Leon Gri wine-cellars, the wine was high appreciated by 700 of guests.

According to the agenda of the 42-th General Session of the WIPO member states during those 9 working days it will be listened the report on the results of the program realization of 2004-2005 and of the program on the period of January 1, 2006. The public will be informed on the results of the Diplomatic Conference on the adoption of the revised Trademark Law Treaty (TLT) held on March, 30-31, 2006 in Singapore, at which also took part the representatives of the RM, TLT being signed and there were made measures for the ratification and implementation thereof on the national level simultaneously with enter in force.

The member states will become acquainted with the activity of the Committee on the Program and Budget and will give their views about the recommendations prepared by the Committee members in the frame of two last sessions. AGEPI took part in the work of the Committee on the Program and Budget and sustains recommendations provided for the adoption. It will be listened a report on the activity of the Intergovernmental Committee on the intellectual property, genetic resources, traditional knowledge and folklore (IGC).

In the framework of the sessions there will be examined other questions: results of the organizational-juridical reforms, protection of the audiovisual interpretations and the rights of the broadcasting organizations, reciprocated exchange of the priority act in the field of the patents, adoption of the agreements with the intergovernmental organizations etc.There will be represented reports on the matters related to the utilization of the domain names in the Internet and procedures of resolving the contradictions in this field, Madrid Unity, IPC Unity, PCT Unity, General Meeting of the PLT signatories that will be subjected to the mutiaspectual discussions.

At the end of the work the participants of the 42-th General Session of the WIPO will be informed on the agenda drafts of the following sessions on 2007 of the General Session of the WIPO, WIPO Conference, General Meeting of the Unities of Paris and Bern, yfving the opportunity to give the additional proposals.