General Session of the WIPO States-Members


According to the tradition, in the period of September 25 – October 3 will take place 42-th General Session of WIPO States-Members. The Republic of Moldova is represented by Stefan Novac, General Director of AGEPI and Liliana Vieru, deputy manager of Promotion and Publishing Department.

In the beginning, the representatives of 183 states-members of WIPO have elected Enrique Manalo as president of the session. Enrique Manalo, representative of the Philipines, thanked the assistance for the accorded vote of confidence being elected for the second time as president, thanking also the General Director of WIPO Dr Kamil Idris and the Secretariat of WIPO for the support accorded to him the last year. He has advised to the representatives of states-members to work in the mode of openness declaring for the fruitful debates.

In the welcoming speech of Dr Kamil Idris and the Secretariate of WIPO, the General Director holding an appointment from November 1997, said that: “WIPO is a global organization that inspires the creativity and innovation and arries out services for a group of users. Our task consists in providing the intense activity of this group and of all the specialists in the field, contributing in such manner to the identification, protection and utilization of the intellectual values. The phenomen of inclusion in the list is a promotor of the capacity, which, in my opinion, represents the basic objective of our activity”.