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General Assembly of the WIPO Member States


The forty-eighth series of meetings of WIPO Member States will run in Geneva in the period 20 to 29 September 2010. The delegations from member countries will meet in ordinary or extraordinary sessions, being invited to speak on the issues included in the Agenda and approve the documents prepared and presented by the WIPO Secretariat, which refers to sessions of the 20 governing bodies of WIPO Member States and Unions administered by WIPO.

According to the agenda, the General Assembly of WIPO Member States and the Assemblies of Unions administered by WIPO will take note of the Report of the WIPO Director General Francis Gurry. There will also be discussed the medium-term Strategic Plan, the Financial Report for 2010, the Budget referring to the drafts proposed by the WIPO Committee on Development and Intellectual Property in order to implement the WIPO Development Agenda recommendations.

The delegations will consider other strategic issues such as: the WIPO Report on Implementation of the Program for 2008-2009, the Financial Report for 2008-2009, the WIPO Policy on reserve funds and investments, the Policy with regard to Foreign Offices of the WIPO, the Strategic Modernization Program.

There will be also discussed the projects for the International Year of Biodiversity, the work of the Committee on Development and Intellectual Property, Standing Committee on Copyright and Related Rights, Intergovernmental Committee on Intellectual Property, genetic resources, traditional knowledge and folklore, Standing Committee on the Law of Patents, Standing Committee on the Law of Trademarks, Industrial Designs and Geographical Indications, WIPO Committee on Standards, Advisory Committee on Enforcement of Rights, etc.

The delegations of Member States will examine the current problems of the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) System, the Madrid System Concerning the International Registration of Marks, the Hague System Concerning the International Deposit of Industrial Designs, Domain Names on the Internet, etc.

In accordance with the consolidated agenda, the first day of the General Assembly will be held the Meeting of the High Level Segment which is expected to be attended by the government representatives of the WIPO Member States. The High Level Segment Meeting theme is "Innovation, Growth and Development: The Role of Intellectual Property and National Experience in the Given Field".

The AGEPI delegation, led by Dr. Lilia Bolocan, Director General, will hold the position of the Republic of Moldova vis-a-vis the items in the consolidated Agenda of the WIPO General Assembly and promote the interests of the country in the current round of meetings of WIPO Member States. Currently the Republic of Moldova is a member of 15 assemblies and governing bodies of WIPO and Unions administered by WIPO.

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