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Feast for the Scientific Community of the Republic of Moldova


On the occasion of 70th anniversary from the creation of the first research institutions and 55th anniversary from the foundation of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova, on 12 June 2016, at the Ethno-Cultural Complex “Vatra” was held a special event in which was celebrated the scientific community of the Republic of Moldova.

The event was attended by the country’s leadership, foreign guests, representatives of diplomatic missions, public authorities, educational institutions, cultural and creative associations, business environment and researchers, etc.

ASM President, Gheorghe Duca, addressed a congratulatory message to all researchers, scientists, all those who have made a career and destiny in the way of understanding science and those who were aware of its role for development.

A congratulatory message also addressed the President of the Republic of Moldova, Nicolae Timofti. In his speech, the President stressed the specificity and impact of scientists work on the welfare of our country’s citizens, expressing appreciation for the efforts made by the scientists but also fully confidence that time will come more favorable for the noble work of the researcher.

ASM President, Gheorghe Duca, presented the President Nicolae Timofti and Prime Vice-Chairman of the Parliament Liliana Palihovici with the Anniversary Medal “70 Years since the Creation of the First Research Institutions”.

During the event took place the ceremony of presentation of the “Scientist of the Year”, “Young Scientist of the Year” Awards and Awards of the Academy of Sciences for outstanding achievements in the field of science.

Attending the event, the Director General of the State Agency on Intellectual Property (AGEPI), Octavian Apostol together with the ASM President, Gheorghe Duca, offered prizes to journalists, winners of the contest “The Lever of Archimedes”, for successes in promoting, through various media sources, the results of Moldovan researchers and inventors and the national intellectual property system.

AGEPI Director General addressed to scientific community sincere congratulations, best wishes for health and prosperity and new important achievements. Octavian Apostol assured to scientists the full support of AGEPI specialists in the process of information and consultation on the protection of inventions, plant varieties and other objects of intellectual property both in the Republic of Moldova and abroad.

Also, AGEPI was present at the event with an information stand, where the specialists of the Agency have promoted the national intellectual property system and offered consultancy on the protection of intellectual property objects, and disseminated informative leaflets on the entry into force on 1 November 2015 of the system of validation of European patents in the Republic of Moldova, etc.

Throughout the anniversary day, there were held a series of events where every visitor had the opportunity to learn how to be a researcher and to discover the world of science through interactive experiments, competitions and exhibitions, medieval and sports battles, gastronomic tastings and presentations, were organized exhibitions of inventions and research history photographic exhibitions. Young scientists competed in the Interactive Science Slam Contest, where they convinced the audience, in an original manner, about the importance of their discoveries.

The manifestations culminated in a festive concert, and among the artists who have performed on the stage of the Complex “Vatra” were more ethno-folk formations, Presidential Orchestra, Brio Sonores, ethno-folk formation “Stefan Voda”, ASEM Chisinau Youth Orchestra choir and Alex Calancea Band, etc.