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Disputes on intellectual property – to the attention of judges in RM


State Agency on Intellectual Property (AGEPI), in cooperation with the National Institute of Justice (NIJ ), has conducted on Friday, December 6, the Seminar “Peculiarities of Dispute Resolution Related to the Protection of Intellectual Property”, attended by judges and judicial assistants. The purpose of the seminar was to examine the judicial practice on litigation in the IP field in recent years.

The seminar was opened by the Director General of AGEPI, Liliana Bolocan. “We organize these meetings with NIJ to identify problems and also to find solutions together. You, the judges, along with us, are part of the chain of protection of intellectual property objects. That is why our cooperation is very important for the protection of the IP system in the Republic of Moldova. I wish you success and hope that meetings in this format will be as many as possible”, said Liliana Bolocan.

The seminar was attended by specialists from AGEPI, and also magistrates of the Rascani and Center District Courts and of the Chisinau Court of Appeal.

At the meeting, Deputy Director General of AGEPI, Ion Tiganas came with a presentation on the general aspects of intellectual property rights and disputes on copyright and related rights, and Director of the Legal Department of AGEPI, Andrei Moisei presented the most relevant cases in the matter of disputes on the defense of exclusive rights on industrial property objects, disputes on the finding of trademark notoriety, disputes on unfair competition, etc.

The participants in the seminar had the opportunity to exchange experience and information on issues of effective exercise of intellectual property rights and took cognizance of various case studies in the field. Finally, organizers of the seminar presented to the magistrates and judicial assistants certificates of participation in the meeting.

In 2012, AGEPI specialists participated in 502 hearings on cases related to IPO (by 32.5% more than in the previous year), of which: 407 – at the Chisinau Court of Appeal and 95 – at the Supreme Court of Justice. In most cases (90%) the objects of disputes were product and/or service trademarks. AGEPI specialists also participated in 44 sessions of courts on disputes relating to copyright and related rights (in 2011 - in 22 sessions), in the framework thereof being examined 11 civil cases.