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The Digitization Process, Discussed in a Workshop


The State Agency on Intellectual Property (AGEPI) participated on October 11, this year, in the

workshop with the theme “Digitalization - An Engine for Accelerating the Development and

Economic Growth of the Republic of Moldova”.

During the event, the principal specialist from the Information Technology Division of AGEPI,

Nicolae Dimov, spoke about digitized services for innovation, the digital tools made available by

AGEPI, and also by the World Intellectual Property Organization (, European

Patent Office (Open Patent Services, Global Patent Index, PATSTAT), etc. A special emphasis was

placed on the online applications filing platforms:, and, which during the pandemic and post-pandemic period have become

increasingly used.

Informational materials on intellectual property objects, the advantages of IPO protection and online filing were distributed to the participants.

The workshop is part of the agenda of the round table with the main title “Smart Specialization:

From Academic Idea to Political Approach”, which takes place from 10th to 13th October and is

organized by the State University of Moldova within the project financed by the Erasmus+ Jean

Monnet “European Economic Integration of the Republic of Moldova through EU Shared Values​​: