A delegation of the Danish on Patent and Trademark Office come with a visit to AGEPI


In September 21-22 a delegation of Danish Patent and Trademark Office consisting of Nymann Keld Jensen, Deputy Director General of the Office, Kenny Wright and Lone Pie Kelstrup, Senior Consultant, are visiting Moldova, including AGEPI, in order to become familiar with intellectual property (IP) in the context of preparation of proposals for implementing the Twinning Project “Support to implementation and enforcement of IP in Moldova”. A tender for realization of this project in countries in accession countries, including in our country, was announced by the EU, and the IP offices of member countries is due to nominate for the competition.

TWINNING is an important tool in the EU pre-accession assistance that aims to support the candidates-states in the development of efficient and modern administration, with the structures, human resources and management skills needed to implement the Acquis Communautaire to the same standard as in Member States. Assistance is given for a long term by the expert participating in the project from its beginning to the end and by short term experts assisting with specific issues.

The objective of the project mentioned above is to improve implementation and enforcement of intellectual property, in accordance with the provisions of the EU-Moldova Action Plan, under the relevant international standards, strengthening government capacities of AGEPI, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration, Customs Service, to establish a constructive dialogue between all interested parties and the efficient enforcement of IP rights.

An important condition for strengthening economic relations between Moldova and the European Community is the approximation of Moldovan legislation to that of the community, including in the PI. To this end, the Republic of Moldova will be given technical assistance through TWINNING projects, which will include exchange of experts, providing timely information especially on relevant legislation, organization of seminars, training and help to translate community legislation, new opportunities for partnership, including the ability to provide assistance to Moldova to meet EU norms and standards.