Database “Registered Works” was Made Available to Public


To facilitate access of beneficiaries (applicants, authors, owners, patent attorneys, etc.) to AGEPI services, on April 4 this year the State Agency on Intellectual Property of RM made ​​available to public the electronic database “Registered Works”. The content of the database is accessible at:

The database contains information on registration of objects of copyright and related rights, the full names and surnames of authors and holders of exclusive copyrights, data on the series and number of issued certificates of registration.

Thus, users can identify a work registered in the State Register after the series consisted of two letters, certificate number, name of the registered object and by the name and surname of the author or rightholder.

Although registration of objects of copyright and related rights is not mandatory, it helps to promote creations and to increase the level of protection of moral and economic rights of rightholders and to prevent violations of these rights.

The person whose work was registered is issued a certificate that can serve as a presumption of paternity, in cases of dispute, by the court, unless it proves otherwise.

Given the optional nature of registration, if after registration it is found that the person applying for registration of object in the State Register has caused prejudice to copyright or related rights of others, it shall be liable under civil, contravention or criminal law.