The DanceSport Club “Codreanca” was awarded the WIPO Gold Medal for Creativity


The DanceSport Club “Codreanca”, Founder and Artistic Director Petru Guzun, was awarded the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) Gold Medal for Creativity.

This distinction was awarded to highlight the notoriety of the DanceSport as a world-class interpretive art with of the Republic of Moldova, as well as the universal values sports encompass - excellence, respect and fair play, in the context of the World Intellectual Property Day 2019 theme: Faster, stronger, higher! Reach for Gold: Intellectual Property and Sports..

The WIPO medal was presented by Andrei Popa, Interim Director General of the State Agency on Intellectual Property (AGEPI), during the International Specialized Exhibition “INFOINVENT” winner award ceremony, which was held on November 22, at Moldexpo.

The distinction was awarded by WIPO on the recommendation of AGEPI as the national authority responsible for the protection of intellectual property in the Republic of Moldova.

The DanceSport Club “Codreanca” was founded in 1973. In 1978 “Codreanca” received the name of “folk” collective, and in 1988 it was granted the honorary title of Honored Collective of the Republic of Moldova. In its 46 years of activity, “Codreanca” has collected countless awards from various European and world championships. The ensemble has become 8 times world champion, and the dancers from “Codreanca” have a fine record of 27 gold medals, 26 silver and 28 bronze medals.

We should remind that the WIPO Gold Medal for Creativity was previously awarded to the master Nicolae Botgros, artistic director and first conductor of the National Orchestra of Folk Music “Lautarii”, the writers Ion Druta, Dumitru Matcovschi, Spiridon Vangheli, the poet Grigore Vieru, the composer Eugen Doga, the opera singer Maria Biesu, the choreographer-chief of the National Academic Ensemble of Folk Dance “JOC” Vladimir Curbet, the actor Mihai Volontir and the director Igor Cobileanschi.